Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Blank-ees Website is live!

Late Wednesday night (or early Thursday morning) is a good time to blog, it would seem. We're a nocturnal bunch here at Garage Art Studios.

I have an exciting announcement...My Blank-ees
website ( has officially gone live! woo hoo!! (I'm doing a happy dance right now, you just can't see me) Please check it out and let me know what you think. Feedback is always welcome and appreciated! Josh Wagner and Nick Beranek both worked extra hard to bring it into being and I am so grateful to them both.

Each week (starting next week) the website will feature a Blank-ee set of the week that you'll be able to buy at a discount. I'll be taking suggestions for sets of four characters, so if you really want to see a character I haven't painted yet, let me know! The website will also feature my upcoming appearances, pictures of people who have purchased Blank-ees, commissions I've done, and all kinds of other exciting stuff.

That's it for now. Thanks for stopping by and checking out the Garage Art Studio's blog! More exciting posts to come. =P

Upcoming Project Art Dump

There are quite a few projects a-brewin' here at the G.A.S. station.  Some of them we're more than happy to blab on about, and others are shrouded in mystery.  We'll be showing off art from both camps, nonetheless, though some of the pieces on display will be posted without any accompanying info. 

This here is from an upcoming graphic novel from Canadian publisher Rubicon Publishing entitled Alien Inventor.  Pencils, inks, and colors by yours truly. 

Just signing in for my first blog

Ello, so what exactly is blog short for??? Well I, for one, have no idea, and thats cool... At this time it looks like we might only have one or two followers on here....but like not knowing what blog stands for, that's cool too.
I'm Tone Rodriguez, and I draw comic books and graphic novels. I have done work on comic books for Image, Top Cow, Bongo, Ape Ent. and Dark Horse. I have been doing this for ten years, and would hope to do this till the day I die. It's been a busy week here in THE STUDIO. My work-mates have been busy working on their various projects, and at the moment I'm working on some trading cards for Rittenhouse. The cards are for MARVEL'S 70th Anniversary...and they look pretty cool thus far.
The third issue of MAYHEM! just shipped this past week, and I'm getting ready to start work on my next project. I have some designs that I still have to finish up, as well as digging up some reference on a New York and Queens Skyline... But the thumbs are done and ready to start. I just needed to get on here and start my weekly blog. I'm also on TWITTER and FACEBOOK as well as MYSPACE, and as soon as I find someone I'll have my website updated, too. So keep an eye out at as well as this blog, of course.
So there ya first blog. How AWESOME WAS THAT!?! NEXT WEEK, maybe I'll tell you all what I'm working on next, but as long as there are only a few of you reading, maybe it will still be some kind of secret after next week, too. Hey, we gotta start you, "one guy"... read with GUSTO!!! 'cause that's what I'm smearing all over this here BLOG SPOT... my gusto... Kinky!


Topics for up coming blogs:
Farting in public
Farting in the studio
Women and
Sketch Lords?!?