Tuesday, March 9, 2010

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Hey Garage Art-keteers! Tony Fleecs here with a story.

About a year ago this month I was broke-- really broke and I did one of the dumbest/most popular things I've ever done. I went online and offered commission sketches on 3x5" cards for $3. The response was amazing. I received hundreds of sketch orders and I was able to pay my ridiculous Hollywood rent for a couple of months. I worked tirelessly on the cards for as long as the money lasted and then-- I had to move on to new work to pay the next rent. The plan was to keep drawing the cards full-time while I worked on all my other stuff... That plan was also stupid and failed almost immediately.

So for the past few months I've worked on all kinds of stuff and haven't been able to time manage myself enough to get any of these cards done. And I've disappointed all the people who saved my butt all those months ago.

Well- I'm doing something about it. I can't stop working on my real jobs but I can do at least ONE of these cards per day. At least, that's the plan.

1 a day. 1 sketch drawn and posted every day for hundreds of days-- or until I reach the end of this enormous list.

Come along on this journey with me, won't you?

1 a day. sketchblog.

ps. Also- in case you were wondering, of course I'm not taking any new $3/6 sketch requests at this time.

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  1. Looking forward to the ride!

    - jeremy