Thursday, August 26, 2010


Ok, convention fans, get ready to for a maximum dosage of G.A.S. this weekend and the next!  That's right, we're leaving the confines of the Cali garage and spreading our sickness East.  Like the Oregon Trail, except in reverse.

First up, the lovely Lauren Perry and I will be heading to Baltimore, MD for the Baltimore Comicon!  It's gonna be jam-packed with comic book stars-- and hey, we'll be there, too!

Lauren's got a metric butt ton of new Blank-ees, a brand new batch of the cutest little pop art paintings of your favorite characters you've ever seen!  Here's but a sampling-- see if you can guess each one!

I'll be unveiling 4 new prints, promoting my brand-new project, Zombie Dickheads, which will be debuting in the new Zombie Bomb anthology from Terminal Press.  Each one features a different member of the titular dickheads.  Here's a sneak peak:

The following weekend, we'll be joined in Atlanta, GA by the rest of the G.A.S. crew, Tone, Tony, and Mark, for Dragon Con-- one of the premiere congregations of like-minded geeks in the country!  It'll be a full-on blast!  And we'll be right smack in the middle of it.  So stop on by and say hi, or grab some prints or sketches.  We love you, we love your money.