Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Motel Hell #1 in stores this week!

Hey Folks!

So, Moreno's still on the east coast recovering from last week's NYCC. But if he were here, I'm sure he'd want you to know that his new IDW book, (an adaptation/update of the "classic" 1980 Rory Calhoun film of the same name) is in stores this week! And that you should all go buy it. And that he thinks Tony Fleecs is the most handsome artist in comics. And if you don't live near a comic book store, I'm sure Chris'd want you to go online and get yourself a copy that way.

Still need convincing? Here's a look at some interior art from issue #1 over at Chris' Deviantart.

So go buy it! And we'll be back soon with some more new stuff.

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