Friday, December 30, 2011

Amazing Arizona Comic-Con / Chris Moreno on the Radio and More!

Hey Y'all!

Hope you all had a merry Christmas. New Years is this Weekend-- hope you have a merry one of those too. This is just a quick update with some quick news. Look for a longer update sometime early in 2012.

First item!


OK. So I'll be at next weekend's AMAZING ARIZONA COMIC CON. (Details below.) I'll be splitting a table with my mostly-hetero-life-mate Joshua Hale Fialkov (who many of you may know as the writer of DC comics' 2nd most beloved vampire comic, I, Vampire.) My name's not on the website because Josh is the famous one but I'll be there. Come on out and buy some stuff!

Amazing Arizona Comic ConventionThe First Convention of the New Year: Jan 6-8, 2012
Mesa Convention Center
263 N. Center St.
Mesa, AZ 85211
For Tickets and information click any of these helpful links.

Issue 2!!

Ever wanted to know everything ever about Chris Moreno?? Well, here's your chance! This extensive interview covers the everything from Chris Moreno's tender infancy in Oceanside California, to his awkward teen years in New Jersey, all the way to the creation of his brand new comic book, ZOMBIE DICKHEADS (which is still available for purchase here, here and here.) Also, there is music. Give it a listen!

Item #Three!

Wondering what Dos Santos has been up to? Well wonder no more. Smarter Comics has just released his newest project, 60 pages, full color-- an adaptation of Miyamoto Musashi's classic THE BOOK OF 5 RINGS. You buy a copy here-- in print or on whichever digital device you prefer.

Pretty much the whole studio's doing some kind of work for the guys at Smarter Comics, so look to hear plenty more about them in the future. (Hey Look! Chris Moreno did one too!)

And finally...


Tone's been going commission CRAZY as of late. If you're facebook friends with him, you've probably seen some of these beauties. If you're an art collector, or if you've always wanted to become an art collector, I cant recommend these highly enough. And get while the getting's good-- his commission prices are going up in January. Here, have a look...

Hit him up on Facebook or at

OK, that's all for now! Thanks for all your support this year. Have a great new year's and we'll see you all in 2012!

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