Friday, October 30, 2009

GAS Represents for the Hero Initiative Wolvie #1 sketch cover auctions!

What's up, y'all?  Chris Moreno here to let everyone know that the eBay auctions for the Hero Initiative's 100 Wolvie sketch covers is on like Donkey Kong!  Fellow GAS-er, Tone Rodriguez, along with yours truly, contributed to this year's auctions, a follow-up to our showings for the Hulk and Spider-Man covers, respectively.

For mine, I started to do an ink drawing of the Ol' Canuckle-head going mad-ass on a bunch of Hand ninjas, but when I started laying it down the card stock on the cover repelled my ink like Brad Pitt fleeing a paparazzi!  Not one to let rejection stop me from getting the job done (watch yourselves, people,) I decided to try markers.  No dice.  This Wolverine cover was playing hard to get!  So I decided to change things up on it.  I blew the dust off my acrylics and got to painting it up.  At first, Wolvie was resistant, but once things got going, it started to loosen up a bit.  Then we were really jammin'.  Bingo-bango, nine months later, we gave birth to a bouncing baby painted cover. 

Ok, so it's a little more than a sketch. Sue me.  But it's already starting to rack up quite the pretty penny for the Hero Initiative, which is what's really important, because Hero gives financial aid and assistance to older comics creators, to help with medical expenses, bills, cost of living expenses, etc.  It's our way of the industry giving back to those who've given us some of our favorite characters and stories, hours and hours of lazy afternoons lying on the back porch escaping into the realms of fantasy and adventure!  I think a few bucks here and there is the least we could do, right?

So check out the link, and keep your eyes peeled-- this is only the first few covers being released with more on the way.  Loads of super-cool, talented artists contributed to this project.  Some guys you know, some you don't know too well, but all who've done some kickass art for a wonderful cause.

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