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You've found your way to the official GARAGE ART STUDIOS website (the comic book Garage Art Studios, not the painters). You are clearly a discriminating internet using art enthusiast.

Garage Art Studios (founded in 2009, year of our Lord) is a collective of professional comic book artists based in North Hollywood, CA (right near Circus Liquor).

Tone Rodriguez

Studio mortgage holder and artist of The Simpsons, Radioactive Man, Violent Messiahs, Tyrese Gibson's Mayhem!, UTF, Snake Plissken Chronicles, Urban Monsters and many other wonderful comics.

Chris Moreno

Whose work you've seen everywhere from Toy Story, World War Hulk: Frontline, Paul Jenkins' Sidekick & Dracula vs. King Arthur to Image's Popgun, Outlaw Territory and 24/7 anthologies.

Mark Dos Santos

Artist of Boom! Studios' Eureka series (based on the popular SyFy television program) as well as Grimm Fairy Tales, Western Tales of Terror and a series of promotional comics for Duncan Yo-Yos amongst many others.

Tony Fleecs
Writer and artist of the autobiographal critical darling (read: low selling), In My Lifetime (originally published by Silent Devil productions, now published by the fine folks at Terminal Press) artist of the Li'l Firebreather backup stories in Image Comics' FireBreather ongoing series and contributor to the Postcards, Wonderlost and Pulp Tales anthologies. Also the writer of one of the most beloved porno to comics adaptations of all time, the penetration-less Tell Them Johnny Wadd Is Here.

And also Lauren Perry
Whose custom made Blank-ees paintings are adorable and affordable.

Please bookmark Garage Art Studios or RSS or whatever, just so you can check back often for new art, Convention schedules, commission info and news on G.A.S. books and events!

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