Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Violent Messiahs guest stars on 90210!

Hey folks!

So, unbeknownst to us at the studio, Tone Rodriguez' Violent Messiahs ran off and booked herself a starring role on the CW's new 90210 (That makes this episode my 3rd favorite 90210 episode of all time, behind the one where Steve Sanders' buddy accidentally shoots himself in the face and the one where Dylan's outgoing answering machine message says, "It's Dylan. You know what to do."). [Edit: I've been reminded that it was David Silver's buddy, NOT Steve Sanders' who accidentally shot himself in the face. Thanks Heidi.]

Violent Messiahs: Lamenting Pain #2 shows up 11 minutes into 90210 Season 2, Episode 13. The episode is titled, "Rats and Heroes."

Anyway, check out 22 seconds of pretty teen-aged girls talking about a comic book that Tone drew-- ON TV!! RIGHT HERE!!


  1. Now when is Tone himself gonna show up on 90210? Or Melrose Place? Or One Tree Hill? That's some teeny angst drama I can get into!

  2. That is actually pretty cool. But I was this information found? If nobody mentioned that this book would be used on the show, that means someone would have actually had to watch "90210." And this is the new "90210", not the sideburns classic.