Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Previews! IT!, ShadowHawk, Lady Robotica

Hey folks!

It's a big month in Diamond Previews for the team here at the studio. Here's some ads and order numbers that you can tell your retailers about and get in on the fun. Don't have a comic retailer of your own? You can find one right here.


Pencils & Inks by Mark Dos Santos

Diamond Previews Order Code -
MAY10 0376

Jane Wiedlin's Lady Robotika #1
Art by Bill Morrison & Tone Rodriguez
(letters by Tony Fleecs & Dave Lanphear)

Diamond Previews Order Code-
MAY10 0426

Shadowhawk #3
Art by Tone Rodriguez

Diamond Previews Order Code-
MAY10 0485

There's all the info you need, true believers. Now get out there and buy our shit!

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